I’ve been photographing humans for the last twelve years. My favorite thing to photograph is joy - wedding vow happy tears, eyes crinkling while you’re laughing, mother and newborn snuggling, dancing with your family in a field of flowers - JOY. These frozen moments are the slices in time I love to capture so my clients can remember them forever. In this crazy world, I believe we need each other and as a former nurse, caring for people is in my DNA. (There is joy in this connection). Joyful connection and deeply cared for are what I hope my clients feel most when we work together. 

HI. I'm Jess

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A few of my favorite things:

My husband Dave and I have been married for almost 20 years!  He is my favorite.  We still have fun together all these years later. We love to laugh and travel and hike and eat good food. 

No 1.

No. 2. 

No. 3. 

No. 4. 

No. 5. 

My three babies. Who are not really babies anymore but bring me so much joy day in and day out and teach me so much about how to be present in each moment. 

My community. I live in Worthington Ohio which has somehow managed to provide our family a small town feel minutes from downtown Columbus Ohio. As an alumni from The Ohio State University, I fell in love with this city and decided to make it my home.

Hiking with my family.  Our crew has done 14 National Parks and some really fun hikes together.  In my time between shoots in the summer we are usually exploring somewhere new together.  

Gardening. In the last few years I have really gotten into my little kitchen garden and even started to garden some flowers.  Having a hobby that is not my work has given me a renewed creative energy.