You put so much time and energy into planning your wedding and you’ll want your wedding photos to be something you look fondly back on over time. As a bride we all stress about wanting to look breath-taking on our wedding day. Here are a few of my tips to ensure your wedding photos look as good as you’ve always dreamed.  

Tip 1: Let yourself have FUN! Letting go of the stress of the big day and really enjoying it will translate into your photos. I love to capture candid moments of the bride, groom, bridal party and guests. Genuinely laughing and having a good time always looks better than posed candid, moments.  bride in heart sunglasses

Tip 2: When posing for the camera, slightly stick your chin out to elongate your neck and slightly drop it down while keeping eye contact with the lens. I will often teach the “turkey neck” technique to my couples at our engagement shoots so this feels less awkward. My goal here is really to give that nice jawline. groom wedding photos portrait

Tip 3: No matter the season it is natural to sweat a little on your wedding day (the lights, the stress, running around will do that to a gal). To keep the sweat out of your wedding photos I suggest keeping oil dabbing strips or tissues handy to help dab away the glisten.

Tip 4: One of my all time favorites, smile with your eyes! Our girl Tyra Banks said it best, “smize”. When you smile with your eyes it really radiates through the images.

bridal wedding photos

Tip 5: Watch how much you drink the night before and the day of your wedding. You don’t want to look tired and droopy eyed in your photos. I am often asking my brides if they need water! Staying hydrated is my favorite skin care regimen!

Your wedding day will be a blast. Just remember to have fun and relax and I’ll take care of the rest! I truly believe in the magic of having a great relationship with your photographer. I know that I am able to get gorgeous wedding photos of my clients because I have built a relationship with them based on trust, I have taught them these key ways to look their very best,  and I know how to get genuine smiles out of them because I know their love story!


5 Tips to Looking Your Best in Wedding Pictures

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