Dave and I had so much fun  getting to shoot Emma and Jason’s barn wedding at  @littlebrookmeadows this March! Though springtime still feels way too far away. We had a lovely day to enjoy the party with Emma and Jason.  This was my first time shooting at this venue in Lancaster. Beautiful barn and the grounds had some lovely spots for us to capture intimate moments like the no look first look.

What is a no look first look you might ask? This was such a sweet idea that Emma came to me with. The couple wanted to read each other hand written vows but did not want to lose the “moment” of the walk down the aisle. To accomplish this Dave placed the groom on one side of a large tree and I had Emma walk to meet her groom. They passed notes around the tree 8th grade style. It was such a fun moment to capture!

Emma was a stunning bride. Her gown was from http://www.wendy’sbridal.com.  I love shooting weddings where the couple is so loved by all their family and friends and they are so in love that there is much to celebrate.

Cheers Emma and Jason!


Emma and Jason

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