Because it is so important to understand what happens once I get your photos home, I thought I would do a little before and after post.  Here are some examples of what my wedding photography editing style is and how I really getting your images to POP!

Wedding photography editing It is my style not to over edit anything. When I edit photos, my goal is to make your wedding photography a cohesive piece of art. I like my images to be on the warmer side with some contrast and brightness in my whites. You can see in the above before and after how a few slight tweaks can really enhance an image.

bridal portrait editingFor a gorgeous black and white I often look for images that I know will have great contrast. This image has true blacks and true whites. I also like to have that creamy middle gray for my midtones.

The above set of engagement photos really feature my preferred style: warmth with a pop of contrast and crips colors. Engagement sessions are a great gage as to how your should expect your wedding photos to turn out.

Sunset is my favorite time of day to shoot. I often ask couples to make time in their reception for us to sneak away to get in sunset wedding photography. The trick with sunset is that the sun can sometimes be quite bright and I have to make sure I can counter the bright light with the gorgeous exposure. To get this warm photograph, I often underexpose the photograph in the camera so I can get the photograph to really pop when I bring it into my editing software.


Wedding photography isn’t just about a person with a big fancy camera. It is about an expert who knows how to control or create the perfect light and who is an expert in post processing.  I love when I get to mix the true art of photography with a gentle and hand edited photograph!


How I make your photos POP

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